Gitgit Waterfall

Bali is a tourist island whose name has been famous to foreign countries. Every day, the island is always visited by tourists both locally and internationally. Most international tourists come to Bali to explore the rich cultural diversity. While most domestic tourists looking for natural tourist sites that are still natural.

Currently, northern Bali is busy discussed by the community, especially the tourists. This is because North Bali is growing rapidly and has complete facilities and infrastructure to become tourist attractions. North Bali is also still not much touched, therefore the atmosphere must still be very natural.

If you are an adventurer or a tourist who appointed Bali as a tourist destination, it’s good you explore the waterfall there which of course will provide peace and freshness. One of them is Gitgit waterfall located in Buleleng.
Location of Gitgit Waterfall
This waterfall is located in the mountains Gitgit and suitable visited by tourists who want to travel nature away from the hustle of the city in Bali. This waterfall precisely located in the Village Gitgit, District Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali. The exact location is about 11 kilometers from the city of Singaraja, while from Denpasar the waterfall is located approximately 90 km. While from Kuta, this waterfall is 80 kilometers. This waterfall tourist attraction is also very easy to find because there is already a signpost to get to the waterfall.

The location of the waterfall is more easily achieved when compared with other waterfalls in Buleleng such as Sekumpul waterfall or Munduk waterfall. This is because the position of the waterfall is not too far from the highway that connects Denpasar and Bedugul or Singaraja city.

During the trip to the waterfall, tourists will also pass the tourist area Bedugul, namely botanical gardens and also Danu Beratan which has cool air. The road to the location of the waterfall is in the mountains, so the road conditions have a winding route and have many climbs and derivatives.

After arriving at the location, tourists will be charged entrance fee. The price of admission to the waterfall is also quite cheap and affordable. Adults are charged Rp 5,000 per person, while a small child is charged Rp 3,000 per person. This price is fairly cheap for exotic scenery. In addition, there are also shops that sell souvenirs for souvenirs.

To reach the location of the waterfall, tourists from the parking lot must walk several hundred meters with a natural terrain that passes through rice fields and clove and coffee plantation. Sightseeing this waterfall course can bring tourists to release tired momentarily because the scenery will be very attractive.

Features of Gitgit Waterfall
The privilege of GitgitAir Waterfall plunge has a height of 35 meters and is a waterfall with the highest cliffs in North Bali. The beauty is no doubt. The cold of the mountains will also make tourists feel at home to linger there when compared to other tours in Bali are indeed hot impressed. The clean and cool pool water can also be used for playing and swimming. In addition, this waterfall is also often used as a place of photography by photographers.

To reach the waterfall, tourists must walk aka trekking first. This will certainly give a natural impression in the attraction. Trekking path to the waterfall must also pass the path up and down and winding. Suitable for you who like the challenge.

This waterfall shape is also unique. This waterfall is small on the top, while the bottom is wide because it collides with wider rocks. The rocks spread the direction of the flow of water so that the water that fell into the pond is not so heavy. Therefore this waterfall safe to use for swimming.

The gentle breeze in the waterfall area also brought the sprinkling of waterfalls in all directions. There is also a grove of trees and green bushes on the cliffs of the waterfall that adds to the natural impression of the waterfall.

Waterfalls around Gitgit
In addition to Gitgit waterfall, it turns out in the vicinity there are several other waterfalls that deserve to be explored as well, namely twin waterfalls, multi-level waterfalls, and waterfall colek pamor.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls Twin waterfall or commonly called Campuhan waterfall is one of several waterfalls nearest from Gitgit waterfall. The mix itself comes from the Balinese language which means mixed water.

This twin waterfall has a unique shape because it has two cliffs flanking with the trees are green and lush.

Another specialty is this waterfall has two waterfall sources that fall in one pond.

Both waterfalls