Bali Spa Tour is a Bali Activities Tour bundle which provide the finest Bali Spa bundles with cheapest cost which you ought to try during your vacation in the island of heaven. Love Balinese apa massage along with other therapy using a skilled and expertise theraphists will provide you and superb treatment care for refresh body and mind.

Bali Spa provide Balinese design of Spa treatments with mix of historical therapeutic remedies & contemporary day Spa rituals to become healthful, rejuvenate & wellbeing. During the healing hands of beautifully trained therapist, we now provide just natural ingredient mix of goods, the purest natural chosen oils, spices & capsule to provide the perfect refuge for rejuvenation & relaxation.

The Balinese believe that the entire body, mind and spirit work in harmony. The health and wellbeing of make the entire happy. Enjoy this beautiful mix of massage methods: traditional massage massage, massage, face and hands massage. Results in enhanced circulation, published muscle strain, and calming comfort.

It is all in the title! In other words, you’ll be pampered from head to toe for 2 hours. Enjoy a relaxing full body massage utilizing the very best within our custom blended aromatherapy oils. The attention now turns towards the skies as you encounter mental comfort and calmness during Bali Spa. Your therapist will massage crucial marma points as a golden stream of medicated oils cascades off your scalp and forehead. We firmly recommend relaxation following this profoundly meditative and transformative encounter.

Notice : Minimum 2 individual participants

Additional Spa Remedy

Honeymoon Spa Packages (For Few Price)

  1. Romance , two hours US$ 135
    Body Steam, Aromatic Footbath & Peppermint Body Wash, Shirodara Remedy or Anti Aging Facial, Traditional Care, Ratus for girls Hand or Foot Remedy for Person Body Lotion.
  2. Sunset Paradise, 4 Hours US$ 235
    Body Steam, Aromatic footbath & Peppermint Body wash, Anti Aging Facial, Galuh Bali Shirodara, Conventional Care Rose or Chocolate Body Scrub, Strawberry Body Polish, Flower and Bubble Bath, Ratus for girls Hand Treatment or Foot Remedy for Person, Body Lotion, Lunch or Dinner.
  3. Harmony, 5 Hours US$ 295
    Particular present and Spa Treatments mixed to decorate your daily life in Bali:
    Balinese wedding gown with 6 pose, Body steam, Aromatic Footbath, Bodywash, Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Conventional Facial, Beautiful Facial, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bathroom, Body Lotion, End for your therapy Lunch or supper

Bali Spa Packages

  1. Nature Inspiration , two hours US$ 65
    Aromatic Footbath, Body scrub, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bathroom, Body Lotion.
  2. Moonlight, 4 Hours U$120
    Body Steam, Aromatic Footbath, Body Wash, Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub Conventional Facial, Tropical Fruit Body gloss, Aromatic Flower Bath, Body Lotion, End for Your Remedy Lunch or Dinner.

Jamu Spa Packages

  1. Oriental Herbal massage, two Hours US$ 70
    Blend Jamu Massage as well as The Heated Muslin Parcel Warminf, Herbal Bath last, herbal Drinking to Leave your body out drained.

Salon Treatment

  1. Anti Facial, 1 hour US$ 35
  2. Manicure Or Pedicure, 1 hour US$ 35
  3. Hair Creambath, 1 hour US$ 35
    hair and scalp therapy to produce your mind feeling trendy and softening, fortify the strand of hairfollicles
  4. Shirodara, 1 hour US$ 45
    The initial ayurweda remedy for the conventional treatment from India. Together with the infusion from plant and glow is increased and prosperity in tropical island combined after the scalp and hair therapy, perfect to pacify your texture, stimulate the scalp and also extra fullness and Luster hair.
  5. Ritual Hair Remedy, 1.5 Hours US$ 50
    Ritual remedy for enhancing strengthens your hair and fixing your damaged hair. These treatments will blended using hair, head, foot and shoulder massage from herbal oil, hair wash, hair lotion and serum, steam by saltwater hair wash, calming with hair strand and drier.

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