Barong And Keris Dance Performance

Barong can use various forms but in this dance, he takes the form of dance of Barong Keket, the most sacred of Barong. Barong Keket is a strange creature, half-lush dog, a half lion and two people playing in the same way as a circus-clown horse. His opponent is Rangda wizard. Barong Dance is a dance of Balinese dance about a good and evil fight. Barong is a character in the myths of Balinese. He is the king of spirits, the leader of a great host, and the enemy of Rangda in the mythological tradition of Bali. Banas Pati is the “brother or son of the fourth spirit accompanying a child throughout his life.” Banas Pati is the spirit that animates the Barong. The spirit protector, he is often represented by a lion, and traditional presentation of the battle against Rangda is a popular part of Bali culture Barong is often a portrait of two monkeys, Barong is a protective mysterious Balinese village, as “the forest ruler” in the mask fanged credible and inconspicuous, he is an enemy of the Rangda the witch, who has the power in the spirit of darkness, in a fight that has no final between good and evil during the Galungan Kuningan festival, Barong (many types, including ketong barong, tiger barong , and Dangkal barn) wander from house to house (waning)) to get rid of the area of evil influences.

The Story of Barong and Keris Dance Stories
The Battle between Barong and Rangda is a traditional subject of narration, often performed in the temple of the dead. The most famous is the story of Jira’s widow’s widow because she can not find a wife of her daughter, Ratna Manggali. All qualified young men fear his black magic, so he retaliates by falling into the kingdom of Daha. The king, Erlangga, tried to punish him, but all his efforts failed. He killed all the soldiers he sent to kill him. Then Rangda decided to destroy Daha. he called on all his disciples and during the night they went to the funeral of Setra Gendrainayu, to make a dedication to the dead bodies of Durga, the goddess of death. Durga agrees with the destruction, even though he warns the magicians not to enter the town of Daha. But the witch did not listen to the advice of Durga and the kingdom could be hit grub (an uprising) and the village soon became a cemetery, people were dying even before they could bury their dead. The bodies are scattered everywhere and the smell is unbearable. The only person who can defeat a witch is Mpu Bharadah. At the request of the king, Bharadah sent his disciples to steal the magic weapon Bahula Calonarang. Picture / banaspati.jpg> Bahula pretended to ask Ratna Alive hand to marriage, and while the witch is gone, Bahula steal a magic weapon to help Ratna Guinness. Then he gave stolen weapons to his lord Bharadah. The weapon turned out to be a script that contained keys to the final release (mokswhich used upside down by Calonarang.) Bharadah went to Daha to challenge the witch, with the help of Barong, he was defeated. who was released from his curse and purify. Not to say that Rangda, the mother of grants, King Bali in the tenth century, was convicted by father Erland because he practiced black magic. after he became a widow, he summoned all of the evil spirits in the jungle, leakage and demons, who came after Erland the fight that took place, but he and the black magic forces were too strong for Erland had to ask for help Barong, Barong came with awarded troops, and a battle ensued, Rangda issued a spell made by soldiers Erland all convinced, pointing to a dagger poisoned them in the stomach and chest of their own, Barong has cast spells that change their bodies fighting against the sharp kris n d, Barong win, and Rangda escape. A person may die or seriously injure Barong Dance. It is said that if a spell of Rangda is too strong, a poor soldier may not be able to resist them, even with the help of Barong. He could have himself with his own kris. Barong and Rangda masks are considered sacred objects, and before being taken out, a priest must be present to pray.