Banjar Hot Spring

Banjar Hot Springs is locally referred to as ‘Banjar Hot Water’, which is located about 5km southwest of famous Bali on Lovina beach in Singaraja regency North Bali. Hot Springs shares in the same district of the Brahmavihara Arama Buddhist monastery located just 1.5 km to the east. Centuries-old hot springs have been upgraded to modern furnishings from time to time, and have become a favorite retreat and recreation spot for local and international guests. From the main route of Seririt-Singaraja, a series of village routes on the Banjar district hills leads to intersections with clear hot spring signs. At the spring location, the ticket office is located next to the parking lot. Cars and trainers stopped here, while motorcycles allow additional access along with a range of stores in a smaller parking lot alongside a roofed stone gate with a sign that says “Hot Water” – ‘ hot bath ‘. Souvenir shops are lined up on the route before the stones gate sells items from framed art, handicraft, souvenir, Bintang shirt to batik and dyed fabrics. The path and short bridge after the gate have a small stream, leading you to the next step. From here, the first small pools are easy to spot, where spouts stimulate visitors enjoying a soothing spark. The additional stairs are a store selling snacks and drinks. The hot spring complex consists of four main pool sections, with the largest and central bathing pool featuring a restaurant high above the northern side. Next to the restaurant are toilets, lockers and locker rooms, as well as spas and massage facilities. Swimming baths are built around hot springs and have a tiered structure. The first level features eight spouts of dragons with smaller pools that also exist in this section. The large size of the main bath pool allows the family to join a soothing dress. The second level is the main pool. Good to Know about Banjar Hot Spring Hot Springs provides a recreational and therapeutic experience, due to the sulfur content of the water. It can be seen from yellow-red sedimentation at a point from spouts and pool walls. This complex is known to have been further developed during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia during World War II. At that time, hot water springs are known to be cured of various skin problems as well as rheumatic diseases. Banjar Hot Springs continues to provide enjoyable and enjoyable retreats for the health of the hills in the north, for those seeking relaxation, fun, streets, and a totally different experience. Those who want to swim can easily enjoy the lush tropical garden, or the views from the top at the Komala Tirta Restaurant, or shop for souvenirs among the outdoor art shops. Hot springs are an easy road trip to North Bali, about 25km west of the center of Singaraja center, the district capital of Buleleng.