Bali Coffee Plantation

Bali Coffee Plantation is the place to see various tropical plantations such as Robusta coffee, pineapple, fruit snake Bali (bark), Balinese potatoes previously, star fruit, chocolate, fruit jack, durian and more, experience to see how to make coffee Bali with a very traditional way, and tasted fresh Balinese coffee or ginger tea with river valley green scenery and also they sell a variety of products coffee beans, herbal oils and more and see civet cat coffee maker with the most expensive, known as Luwak, this product “Kopi Luwak” No Entrance Fee

History of Kopi Luwak
The Luwak has a unique history behind the legend. By the beginning of the 18th century, Dutch established a coffee plantation on the volcanic island of the Dutch East Indies. Arabica Coffee Kopi Luwak is derived from the mystical island of Bali.

During the early years of Dutch Coffee Plantation owners prohibited indigenous peoples to harvest and brew coffee beans for their own consumption. The indigenous, powerful, soon found that the Asian weasel, prefer to eat coffee beans. Raven beans are collected, washed, dried, and then roasted to produce coffee with deep treasures, minus acidity. The process of passing through the digestive tract of bean civet chemical changes in protein Kopi Luwak coffee beans to produce a more complex taste and smooth, is not found in conventional coffee.

The resulting coffee is said to be unlike any other in the world (literally). It is a rich, heavy flavor with caramel and / or chocolate instructions. The other terms used to describe it are understated, musty and exotic. His body can be a syrup and this is the softest coffee you have ever had.

We should wonder how this coffee happened. How can it be found?
Who is thinking of drinking coffee where an animal eats and then drive it away?
There are many theories out there but this personally is one of my favorite. Theorizes that low-income families and indigenous people can not afford to buy coffee because they hardly have enough to live. So they took the drops of Greens and prepared them for baking. Of course they were all cleaned properly and the proper steps were taken to make sure it was exhausted.
Guess what? Now civet coffee is known as good food worldwide.