Badung Traditional Market

Badung market was moved to Tjokroaminoto in Denpasar, 2 km north, due to a major renovation after a fire in February 2016). The Badung Market, or ‘Pasar Badung’ in the local language, is considered the largest traditional market in Bali. It does not seem to be asleep, it serves as a major source of fresh fruit to the inhabitants. Stall regularly open early in the morning, with a daily flow of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers from suppliers to agricultural areas in the central mountains and elsewhere, and often remain open well after midnight, creating the atmosphere of a night market. The market is composed of a surface area open and loosely attached to the parking lot, and a four-storey building (currently repaired after a recent fire) containing dozens of stores selling goods that are not damaged, such as stains and other fabrics, household appliances, kitchen utensils and agricultural tools. The first is more interesting and most visited, with rows of stalls selling fresh tropical fruits, flowers, meat and poultry, and other food items. Shopping points can be a bit of a hurry, and you will walk along strict lines sometimes shared by motorists. The main landmark in London is located on the east bank of Badung, the Art Market Kumbasari on the other side. Negative prices here are usually cheaper than other markets in Bali, and bargaining should always add to the distribution experience.