Alas Kedaton Temple

Candi ALas Kedaton – Bali, Places of Interest Indonesia
Interesting place to visit from Alas Kedaton Temple Bali, Indonesia, an ancient Hindu temple located in the middle of the monkey forest in Tabanan
Pura Alas Kedaton Bali is a Hindu temple sacred remains of megalithic ancient times, the temple and the Monkey Forest Kedaton also become one of the favorite places for tourists in addition to tourist attractions Pura Tanah Lot and Ulun Danu Beratan and Pura Batukaru Tabanan Bali.

The Pura Alas Kedaton is located in the middle of the monkey forest, precisely in the village of Kukuh, Marga district, Tabanan regency. The Alas Kedaton Temple (Indonesia: Pura Dalem Kahyangan Kedaton) is located about 35 kilometers from the city of Denpasar Bali, Indonesia.

History of the Alas Kedaton Temple
Alas Kedaton Temple Building & Holy Statue
Pura Alas Kedaton ceremony
Monkey Forest Alas Kedaton
Location Map and Location of Alas Kedaton

History of the Alas Kedaton Temple
Alas Kedaton Temple – Bali, Places of Interest Indonesia
Alas Kedaton Temple – Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia
Alas Kedaton temple built by MPU Kuturan Rajakertha during the reign of King Sri Masula Masuli, according to Writers Village Sading, Mengwi, Badung mentions that Sri Sri Masula Masuli began to reign as Saka 1100 (1178 AD).

King Sri Masula Masuli ruled the island for 77 years, which means the government was completed in 1177 Saka or 1255 AD as the mentioned from the Inscription wearing Saka 1172 (1250 AD).

The position of the Alas Kedaton Temple is facing the west and has 4 doors as entrance and exit of the temple.

This temple has a unique page, the page position in (in Bali called JU or Mandala) is lower than the central courtyard (in the Balinese language called Jaba or Madya Mandala), unlike other temples in Bali which usually has a page which is higher than the middle page.

Alas Kedaton Temple Building & Holy Statue
There are also sacred buildings (Pelinggih), Lingga (Phallus) and some statue of the Alas Kedaton Temple:

Durga Mahisasura Mardhani statue with 8 hands and standing on a statue of a bull.

To each of his right hands from top to bottom it holds a fly repellent (Camara), Arrow (arrow), Knife, and holds the bull’s tail.

In each of his left hands from top to bottom holding Kadag, Bow for archery, Trisula, Gadha.

Ganesha statue sits on a lotus and two dragon, his right hand holding a bead (prayer beads) and his left hand holding axes and rods, he just has a doglike (Ekadanta).

Pura Alas Kedaton ceremony
Alas Kedaton Temple Ceremony – Bali temple anniversary, Bali attractions
Ceremony of Alas Kedaton – Bali, Indonesia
Unlike other temples, other uniqueness that can be found in this temple is during the ceremony should not be used incense and Kwangen during worship and alas Kedaton Temple ceremony fall at Anggara Kasih Medangsia (Balinese Calendar), on Kuningan day

Similarly, the use of Penjor, when the ceremony was held at Dalem Kahayangan Kedaton Temple we could not find penjor as any other temple ceremony in Bali and it is also something that is unique.

The ceremony must be completed before the sunset because they are not allowed to use lights as a means of imprisonment using a fire, when the ceremony is completed, will be followed by the Ngerebeg tradition.

Ngerebeg means running with a spear, Tedung (traditional Balinese umbrella), and several branches of leafy trees. Everyone has been rejoicing and rejoicing in following this tradition of strife.

Monkey Forest Alas Kedaton
Monkey Forest Alas Kedaton – Interesting places in Bali
Forest Monkey Alas Kedaton – Bali, Indonesia
The Alas Kedaton Temple is located in a forest inhabited by thousands of monkeys and hundreds of big bats. Monkeys in the forest of Kedaton are very friendly and very close to the visitors as they always feed on nuts and other snacks.

Caution should be maintained even if the monkeys are very friendly but sometimes they can also attack when they are disturbed. Alas Kedaton Holy Monkey forest is one of the famous monkey forest in the island of Bali.
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Alas Kedaton is a popular tourist destination in Bali, especially in Tabanan. This area is visited by many tourists both locally and internationally, especially on public holidays.

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